HO CASTER High Grade Casters

Post: 2017-08-04 / Update: 2017-10-24

  HO Caster Industrial Co., Ltd. HO CASTER brand, with its MIT quality to create a differentiation, but also gradually stabilize OBM line, stand firm industrial casters applications, to create high-level casters milestone. Successfully set themselves in the OBM manufacturers, HO Caster, under the leadership of General Manager Hsieh Hsin-Hung, three years has been the introduction of light series of stainless steel casters, 8-inch special aluminum core rubber wheel, and the latest research and development of the turbine Design of wheel frame and aluminum core composite PU & natural rubber, in addition to enhance the strength and shape of objects, and let the past PU or rubber and iron parts followed by the unstable situation to eliminate the introduction of the trailer (aluminum frame PU) Round, to enter the high-end market.